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Shasta Woodworkers

 Please e-mail us at: shastawoodworker@gmail.com 


The Shasta Woodworkers are dedicated to sharing information, knowledge and techniques of the woodworking processes. If someone needs help with a project, several people will come forward to lend a hand and solve the problem. More experienced members enjoy sharing knowledge gained and can often offer more effective techniques, saving the newer woodworker time, frustration and mistakes. 

The Shasta Woodworkers’ Club usually meets the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm, at different locations, usually a members shop with a break during the summer months (July, August).  Meetings  vary in topic, with demonstrations and presentations of curiosity, interest and innovation. During the meetings members often bring a project they are currently working on to get feedback and share. The meetings are for both entertainment and personal growth as a woodworker.  

The Shasta Woodworker’s Club invites you to attend three meetings so that you can decide whether you would like to become a member.